The Historic Motorcycle Group or more commonly known as HMG initially formed during 2002. The aim of the group of 6 people was to lay down some guidelines how the group would be run.


First our mission statement was and still is as follows:


“The Historic Motorcycle Group is dedicated to the continuation of historic racing and sporting motorcycles being restored, ridden, smelt and heard on the circuits of South Africa".


The Group would approach various circuits with a view to being able to put together a grid of older motorcycles, which are no longer appropriate to modern racing conditions.


These motorcycles would be of interest to spectators who otherwise would not be able to witness what it used to be all about. There are many older, some no longer competitive but valuable motorcycles lying unused and we wish to give the owners of these the opportunity to be able to put them back on the track.


Since the Day of Champions in January of 2002 at Zwartkops Raceway when the initial core of HMG put on its first parade.


The interest that this generated was very encouraging and it laid the basis we have followed up to today.


We will continue to develop our activities to present a grid which has an image of which we can all be proud.


Machines and riders must be well turned out to present a professional image

As the years have passed by, it became apparent the initial class of machines manufactured before December 1975 have started to dwindle somewhat. From a peak of 50 plus machines on a grid to an average of 20.

A new class of machines was approved dating from January 1976 to December 1983.

This bought forward younger members who grew up with the late 70’s to mid 80’s bikes.


Both classes have always rode under the rules of a demonstration. Meaning no event is a race. No trophies. Nobody comes first or last. Strict guidelines of no overtaking on the inside of a corner.


Now we have CSRA who are members of HMG but race. Presently taking part in the Monocle series. Full name is Classic Superbike Racing Association.

And lastly, 2T. They also ride as a demonstration. All are  two-strokes. Wherever possible they have their own events on the day. 

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